The Professional Power of HTML5

If you’re looking for an expert voice when it comes to talking the language of HTML 5 Programming, then look no further than our very own savvy resident Technical Book reviewer, Tony Pye.

His attention to detail and beady eye were called into action to peruse the latest Pro HTML5 Programming book which is aimed at helping the experienced web application developer increase the usability of forms, get websites working offline and generally manage data better.

Tony’s task was to diligently review each chapter and act as a sense check for development users to ensure that all code was accurate with any programme features clearly explained. Although at times there was a bit of midnight oil to burn, by suggesting alternatives and improvements, Tony’s assistance on this publication has helped to ensure that it can be as factually accurate and error free as possible.

The book, Pro HTML5 Programming, is published by, and as they say available in all good major booksellers – “Don’t delay, get your copy now”, and if you ask Tony really nicely, he’ll even sign it for you…form an orderly queue please.   ISBN 978-1-4302-3864-5

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